Partners in Childhood Literacy

This list of organizations is tentative, but has changed since last year.  If you are aware of an organization that should be included, but is not listed, please email relevant information to  Please indicate in the subject line “Partners in Childhood Literacy”.  We will strive to update the list as new information becomes available.

Apples for Children
Annette Searfoss:; phone - 301.733.0000 x 103
Focus on children ages birth to kindergarten. Supporting early childhood programs, with program enhancement and professional development activities and training.

Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Washington County
Tom Kline: ; phone – 301.739.4711
Focus on children ages 8-16. Provides opportunity for adults to partner with youth throughout the community and/or through site based programs encouraging reading and focusing on literacy issues as needed.

Books for Babies
Pamela Brubaker:; phone – 301.791.5277
Focus on new born babies. Provides books and other information about the importance of reading to babies, to all new born babies at Meritus Medical Center. Books for Babies also provides books to Washington County Health Department to distribute at well baby visits.

 Boys and Girls Club of Washington County
Jim Deaner:; phone – 301.733.5422
Focus on children ages 6-18. Coordinates Project Learn, a homework assistance program and self-directed learning activities for afterschool and during the summer months.
Matt Krantz –

Brothers who Care
Andy Smith:; phone – 301.393.9290
Focus on children of all ages. Provides opportunities for youth to participate in essay contests and other literacy promotion activities.

Children in Need
Anne Martin:; phone – 301.671.2014
Focus on children of all ages. Provides books to children through the Children in Need Center.

Children’s Village
Rochelle Morrell:; phone – 301.733.4443
Focus on children ages 7-8. Provides life-safety education and skills training to all second graders in Washington County.

Christ’s Reform Church
Gregg Meserole:; phone – 301.733.4144
Focus on children ages 5-10. Provides opportunity for youth to participate in Sunday school classes, which supports Micah’s backpack program for food for this age group.

Comunidad Latina de Washington County
Gladys Rojas:; phone – 301.797.4161 x 133
Focus on need of Latino Community

Community Foundation of Washington County, MD Inc.
Brad Sell:; phone – 301.745.5210
Focus on children of all ages.Accepting grant applications for literacy, and other programs through November 15th.

Contemporary School of Arts and Gallery
Andrea Frayser:; phone – 301.791.6191
Focus on children of all ages . Encourages increased literacy through “Around the World” camp, focusing on music, arts and reading stories of various countries and cultures.

Department of Social Services
Dave Engle: ; 240-420-2120 

Discovery Station
B. Marie Byers:; phone – 301.733.8999
Focus on children ages 5- 12. Provides educational displays/exhibits which all have reading elements and some with mathematic components.

Family Support Resource Center of Washington County Public Schools
Toni Nelson:; phone – 301.766.8221
Focus on children of all ages. Supporting parents, foster parents and professionals who have or are raising/working with children with special needs, teaching advocacy and parenting skills.

Fort Ritchie Community Center
Kristen Hubbard:; phone – 301.241.5085
Focus on children of all ages.  Provides books for children, birth through kindergarten, and access for community members to internet accessed computers at the technology center.

Hagerstown Area Religious Council (HARC)
Kathy Powderly:

Hagerstown Community College
Dawn Schoenenberger:; phone – 240.500.2304
Focus on children of all ages. Participates in Family Literacy education program with Washington County Family Center, Judy Center and Washington County Public Schools.
Carolyn Brooks -
Terry Kitchen -

Hagerstown Housing Authority
Dianne Rudisill:; phone – 301.733.6911 x 125
Focus on children of all ages. Provides safe location for on-site Head Start Programs and a Homework Program coordinated by Boys & Girls Club.
David Kump

Hagerstown Suns
Bob Bruchey:; phone – 301.791.6266
Focus on children of all ages.Implementing a Reading Program which recognizes students who have read 4 books during a 2 month period with free Suns game tickets.

Head Start of Washington County, Inc.
Paul G. Pittman, Jr.; phone- 301.733.0088 x 101.
Focus on children ages birth to five. A primary goal of Head Start is for children to enter school “ready to learn”. Through implementation of the Maryland Model for School Readiness, the Children’s Literacy Initiative and accreditation through the Maryland State Department of Education, Head Start continues to deliver high quality educational programming for children.
Jennifer Barrett –
Laura Harbaugh –

Healthy Families Washington County
Tracy Soffe:; phone – 240.313.3271
Focus on children birth to age 5 years. Coordinates Reading Express program which provides books to families with young children, assisting families with securing library cards.

Girls, Incorporated
Maureen Grove:; phone – 301.733.5430
Focus on children of all ages. Coordinates Reading Plus Program, a computer based silent reading program assessing reading levels and encouraging independent reading skills focusing on fluency, work knowledge and comprehension.
Laurel Good -
Amy Hiet -

Angela St.Clair:; phone – 301.791.7314
Focuses on supporting literacy by linking families to literacy services. Provides location and supplies to aid in reading assistance.

Maryland Symphony Orchestra
Tamara Park:; phone – 301.797.4000
Focus on children ages 5-9.Conducts Kinder Koncerts, Little Maestros Programs and MSO Youth Concerts.

Mason Dixon Council BSA
Mark Barbernitz:; phone – 301.739.1211 x 301
Focus on children ages 6-10. Provides free subscription to Boy’s Life magazine for new Cub Scouts. The scouting program provides numerous reading opportunities to encourage youth to read.
Tade Sullivan-

Memorial Recreation Center, Inc.
Karen Cook: phone – 301.790.0203
Focus on children ages 8-17. Provides supportive, nurturing environment for community youth in the area of life skill and healthy lifestyle development.
Kelly Wright –

Parent Child Center
Millie Lowman:; phone – 301.791.2224
Focus on children of all ages. Provides in home case management working with families for early intervention for family members for the prevention of child abuse.

Safe Place of Washington County
Mooch Mutchler:; phone – 240.420.4308
Focus on children of all ages who have experienced child abuse/neglect; books are available at Safe Place for children to read.
Sara Cohick-

San Mar Home
Bruce Anderson:; phone – 301.733.9067
Focus on teen aged girls.
Millie Steinke –

The Salvation Army
Major Robert Lyle:; phone – 301.733.2440
Focus on children ages birth – age 10. Provides various opportunities to assist youth with reading and literacy.  A trip to the library is part of the Summer Camp Program.
Antonio Wells -
Willie Conyer -

Teen Have Choices
Shalom Black Lane:; phone – 301.671.3000
Focus on youth ages 11-18. Coordinating and sponsoring programs that attract middle and high school youth, focused on helping them make good decisions and improve academically.

United Way of Washington County
Melissa Reabold:; phone – 301.739.8200 x 15
Focus on children birth to kindergarten. Coordinates Born Learning Campaign which stresses the importance of early learning, providing resources to parents and caregivers to create quality learning opportunities.

University of Maryland Extension/4-H Youth Development
Jamie Kenton:; phone - 301-791-1404. Primary focus on youth ages 5-18.Support child/youth and educational programs with program enrichment, curriculum materials for a variety of educational areas from Aerospace and Animal Science to Robotics and Science, professional development activities and training, literature connections to a variety of topics including gardening, general science and animal science, environmental education and the arts.
Lynn Little -

Washington County Community Action Council, Inc. (CAC)
David Jordan:; phone – 301.797.5076 x 124
Focus on youth food programs.  Coordinates summer food program and after school meal program with Wash. Co. Public Schools Food & Nutritian Department and a variety of summer recreation program providers.

Washington County Family Center
Dori Yorks :; phone – 301.790.4002
Focus on children ages 0- 3years. Providing Literacy for Life Program that integrates adult education, early childhood education, family literacy and parent education.
Elizabeth Scallion –

Washington County Free Library
Jeff Ridgeway:; phone – 301.791.5169
Focus on children birth through age 18. Provides variety of extensive reading and literacy programs throughout the county in partnership with several organizations.

Washington County Health Department
Rod MacRae:; phone – 240.313.3250
Focus on children birth to Kindergarten. Conducts Healthy Families program, a home visitation program that teach at risk mothers life and parenting skills including providing books for family members.
Tracy Soffe – Healthy Families,

Washington County Office of Community Grant Management
Melissa Nearchos:; phone – 240.313.2097
Focus on ages birth to 5 years. Funding for Healthy Families Home visiting program for children birth to five which implements an early literacy program~ Reading Express.
Tom Kline –

Washington County Public Schools
Steve Wernick:   phone – 301.766.8708
Focus on children ages 3-18. Provides extensive training, support and resources to children, parents and caregivers to encourage reading and literacy throughout school years.
Erin Wolford –

Washington County Recreation Department
Jamie Dick:; phone – 240.313.2808
Focus on children ages 6-12. Provides opportunity for summer camp participants to attend story time at various libraries throughout Washington County.
John Whitman –

Washington County Sheriff’s Department
Doug Mullendore:; phone – 240.313.2101
Focus on children of inmates. Provides an opportunity for inmates to read to their children via audio books.
Bob Leatherman -

YMCA of Hagerstown
Mike Flicek:; phone – 301.739.3990
Focus on preschool through school aged children. Provides Go to the Library Story time, assistance with homework including reading and writing assignments and reading during summer youth programs.
Deborah Phillip,