Building a Literate Community

Date: Friday, May 15, 2015
Time: 8:00am to 2:30pm
Location: Merle Elliott Conference Center - Career Programs Building at Hagerstown Community College
Cost: FREE - includes;continental breakfast,snacks, drinks, and lunch provided.

Join members of educational, non-profit, business and government organizations to learn more about how early literacy impacts all aspects of our community.


Washington Co Free Library


Welcome to The Hagerstown Rotary Literacy Initiative

Advocates for Childhood Literacy

The Hagerstown Rotary Literacy Initiative will advocate for a community-wide collaboration to increase the number of students entering school ready to learn and decrease the number of elementary students experiencing summer learning loss.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Childhood Literacy is becoming increasingly understood to be important to our community. It is increasingly being recognized that the most effective way to raise productive, contributing members of society is to help parents develop a broad range of skills in their children, easily measured by literacy related skills. Our school system does an excellent job teaching children, but this is an increasing challenge because children in our community are being recognized as not fully ready to learn.

Evidence clearly points to far too many of our community’s children starting school not ready to learn, meaning they have not developed the literacy related skills expected of a 5 year old. While the school system can help at risk children, the burden is usually too much for the school system alone. And to complicated matters, there is mounting evidence that at risk children can experience a loss of 2 grade equivalents to some student peers solely attributable to summer vacations.

Our efforts are targeted to improve the prospects for at risk children starting school ready to learn and to encourage enrichment activities that will help these children achieve on grade reading compared by the end of third grade.